Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Kitchen Mascot


Tomorrow is the first day of school. This is great for a bunch of reasons. One is, I was so excited to get this site up and running and had all these visions of what I was going to make and share and then... along came summer. The kids are off from school and entertaining them along with vacations and things got me side tracked. The other thing going on is that everyone else was really busy too! So now, everyone is back and staying put for a while and I will be able to have fun and entertain and cook again and watch my guests enjoy themselves.

Summer was great though. We went to Maine and I ate a year's supply of lobster and clams in about 10 days and relished every bite! We did other things besides eating - like visiting several wineries, our favorite being the Cellardoor Winery and Vineyards. We also took a boat ride out to Monhegan Island and hiked over to the cliffs where we had lunch overlooking spectacular views.

I took my daughters to Cincinnati, Ohio to visit their grandparents. My dad cooked all my favorites including beef tongue, veal sweetbreads, beef tripe and leg of lamb. Since I cannot get smoked beef tongue very easily here in Orlando my father always sends me home with one and my luggage always gets searched at check in. This time was no exception!

Anyway, while in Maine I got a new mascot for my kitchen. He is a real character. He needs a name so I am taking nominations. Check him out and send me your nomination for his name. Check back soon to find out what it is, and also to see new posts as I am planning on cooking up a storm!

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  1. hahaha! he is SOOOO cute! I think you should call him NomNom or Mr. Nosh. :-)


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