Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Pantry Antipasto Salad

Here is a recipe - well not as much a recipe as a suggestion of one.  That is one of the problems with me and blogging.  I love food.  I love to cook.  I want to tell you about all the things I am making!   But most of the time I am throwing stuff together from what just happens along in my kitchen and while the food is good it is hard to post a recipe that calls for a little bit of leftover this and whatever happens to be left in that other jar in the fridge so I can use it up.....because what is lurking in your fridge is going to be different than what is in mine.  What is really a problem is when my family says mom this is so good, make it again, and the fact is I will probably never have that particular combination of bits and pieces again!

For example, one thing that gets made only once or twice a year is the best chicken marsala.  The secret?  Leftover turkey gravy in the marsala sauce.  Well there is only leftover turkey gravy in the fridge after Thanksgiving so that is when we have it.

So here it is - a non recipe that I can post for you!  Most everyone probably already makes a version  this but forgets about it so here I am to remind you of it.  The next time you are invited to a potluck or neighborhood picnic here you go. 

Tonight I made a very basic version of this salad.  Here is what I did...

Pantry Antipasto Salad
Serves 10 - 12


1/4 pound hard salami (ask the deli to cut 2 pieces about 1/4 inch thick each)
1/4 pound genoa salami (ask the deli to cut 2 pieces about 1/4 inch thick each)
1/4 pound cheese ( I used mozzarella because of my kids but otherwise would have used pepper jack)
one 7 ounce can roasted red peppers, drained
one 5 ounce container large, black, pitted olives, drained
generous 1/2 cup stuffed green olives, drained
8 ounces marinated mushrooms, drained
one 15 ounce can quartered artichoke hearts, drained
1/4 cup pepperoncini, stems removed and sliced into rings
1/2 cup your favorite vinaigrette


Cut the salami and the cheese into 1/4 inch strips and then crosswise into 1/2 inch pieces.  Cut the roasted red pepper the same way.  Place all ingredients into a large bowl and toss. 

Chill and serve.  Please continue reading as that is just the beginning...

This is so versatile!  Add what you like.  Some of my favorite additions include 8 ounces cooked penne pasta, one 15 ounce can chickpeas, drained, and a container of grape tomatoes.  Or add some tortellini instead of the penne.  Indeed, tonight I served it as written as a side dish.  I am going to change things up and add the penne to what is left for tomorrow - and there I go again - adding things to things to ......


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